Typical cuisine of Como

Capolinea Bistrot

A breathtaking view is the flawless scenery of a cosy bistro that offers exquisite local specialties.

Local cuisine bistro

Born in 2013, Capolinea Bistrot is a restaurant in Brunate that offers a wide choice of typical Como cuisine dishes. The restaurant-pizzeria is family-run with Elena in the kitchen and Andrea in the dining area. In particular, our chef Elena won national cooking competitions (organized by the Italian Chefs Federation) and participates constantly in various cooking classes organized by the same Federation, while Andrea, besides being a passionate Sommelier AIS and interested in the brewing sector, is also a great Como cuisine connoisseur.
Ristorante a Brunate
Pizza a brunate
Tiramisù Brunate
Professionalism and expertise are the company philosophy mainstays, in addition to the exclusive use of fresh and genuine products such as meat, cheese, cold cuts and lake fish, all carefully selected by our staff.
Capolinea Bistrot absolute specialty of are Brunate onion-made dishes: ancient origin recipes that reminds old-fashioned flavours. Capolinea Bistrot is also the seat of the namesake association.
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Our Menu


“Ul Piscinin
“Ul Mezàn”
“Ul Grand”
Carpione lake fish
Caprese with Buffalo milk
Bresaola with Rocket, Grana cheese
12.00 €
21.00 €
30.00 €
5.00 €

8.00 €
8.00 €

10.00 €
11.00 €

First courses

Spaghetti with fresh tomato
Spaghetti with garlic, oli, pepper
Lasagne alla bolognese
Onion soup
Soup made with legumes
Linguine with Seafood
Pasta Alfredo
8.50 €
11.00 €
8.50 €
9.50 €
9.50 €
12.00 €
11.00 €
13.00 €
10.00 €

Second courses

Beef roulades stuffed
Baked Pork
Grilled slices Beef Steak
Chicken on the spid
Vetables hamburger
Pork, meat and onions with Polenta
Wild boar stew with polenta
Veal Marrowbone with polenta
Brased Donkey morsels with polenta
Polena Uncia
14.00 €
9.00 €
17.50 €
12.50 €
8.50 €
13.50 €
14.50 €
15.00 €
14.50 €
10.00 €

Pizzas with and without sauce

Boscaiola (with mushrooms)
Ortolana (with vegetables)
Salumi (with ham)
6.50 €
8.50 €
8.50 €
9.00 €
8.50 €
8.50 €
5.00 €

homemade desserts

Apple Pie
Latte in piedi
Oven-baked cake with chocolate and pear
Sandwich with Lario cream
Ice cream
5.50 €
5.50 €
5.50 €
5.50 €
7.00 €
6.00 €
Meal proposals

Typical local dishes

In our bistro we take great care of the raw materials, in order to offer exquisite and genuine dishes. In our tasting menu, everything we cook is strongly linked to our area and also to Elena and Andrea’s homeland.

Brunate onion, cold cuts and typical Como cheeses (like Tronchetto and Zincarlin) are the absolute leads. Lake fish dishes are also very popular and tasty.

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Capolinea Bistrot, restaurant-pizzeria in Brunate, is located in an urban context and it can be easily reached by car, by walk or thanks to the funicular.

Address: Via Alessandro Volta 68/70, 22034 Brunate - Como
Phone: 031364097
Email: info@capolineabistrot.it
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